All About Downsizing


Image Source: Flickr

Although it may be true that moving home can sometimes be a stressful process, it can also be the gateway to a simpler and less cluttered lifestyle, that adds both value and economic benefits to one’s life. Whether you are just getting over a messy divorce, or if your children have long since left the nest, downsizing your home is an option that many of us should perhaps consider.

The term ‘empty-nesters’ was coined to describe those of us who don’t really need those extra bedrooms any more. By selling up your home and moving into a more compact and usable unit, you can also release a handsome chunk of equity, which can be either laid aside for your rainy days or used to invest in holidays, and possibly retirement adventures, that were not really feasible beforehand.

Reasons to Downsize

Besides these very considerable plus points there are plenty of other great reasons to start looking into trading in your current home for a smaller one:

Far easier to look after – It’s true, what is the point in spending hours every week vacuuming rooms that aren’t even in use any more? By downsizing, you can reclaim valuable time that is far better spent on enjoying your time.

More quality time – Not everyone loves inviting people over for a few nights. Let’s face it, after an hour or two, wouldn’t you rather get shot of those nosey cousins and their unbearable kids?

Savings – As well as your newly released equity, you can look forward to smaller bills and more disposable income. If you have already retired, you won’t have to worry about dipping into those savings, because you will be quids in from day one.

Make it your own home – Okay, the kids have left home but your house still looks like it’s just about survived a hurricane. By downsizing, you can decorate the place like you always wanted to, without worrying about the little rascals wreaking havoc with the furniture and contents.

Banish bad memories – If you have just survived a nasty divorce, you don’t really want to be reminded of that war zone every single time that you come home to an empty house. Instead of licking your wounds whilst rattling around the place, why not pick a smart new home that you can call your own, and start living your life again?

Right now is a great time to look into downsizing because your property is likely to be worth more than ever. It may be true that a smaller option is also going for a premium, but your equity will still be an extremely attractive nest egg that can be used however you wish. Perhaps you are thinking of moving into a retirement home and are worried about the costs? Why not speak to an expert in downsizing and see what your options really are? You may be pleasantly surprised and might even start thinking about that World Cruise that you’ve dreamed about for so many years! Downsizing can be many things to many people, and maybe now is the time to see what it could mean for you.