Home Offices, Home Security: Securing Your Work Space

There’s an office-office, and then there’s a home office. Whether you’re running the whole show from home or simply keeping personal affairs straight, the fact is that the home office is becoming an even more important room in the house now than ever before. Affordable computers and printers mean that people are able to get more done from home, and whether it’s working on a pet project or simply getting prepared for tax season, it’s often far more helpful to have a home office than it is to head to the local copy store when you need to get something done.


And these days, it’s not just those who are working exclusively from whom who need to watch out for how they handle their work areas. Because more and more Americans are keeping sensitive documents or important information at home, home security has to take care to include the work areas of the home, too. And in an age where identity theft is just a popular part of a burglar’s break-in routine as snatching the jewelry and antiques, it makes sense to take those steps necessary to safeguard sensitive information, as well as valuable objects.

The first step towards better home security in any home office is making sure that digital information is backed up elsewhere. This can be done simply at home. All that you need to do is invest in an external hard drive that will hold the contents of your computers, and remember to back it up on a regular basis. While the first external hard drives out there might have required a bit of know-how, these days computers easily configure automatically, meaning that all you have to do is plug it in and hit a single prompt on-screen. Of course, keep your external hard drive safe and out of the home, or lock it in a safe that is elsewhere in the house.

Another factor when it comes to protecting yourself and your home office is making sure that it is not easy to steal your identity if a robber breaks in. This means that home offices should also be equipped with paper shredders. Be sure that after taking a look at particularly sensitive records, like those associated with a bank account, that you are sure to shred them. This way, it’s not as simple as digging through the trash or grabbing something off of your desk. While home security itself is important, your safety extends beyond simply making sure it’s difficult to grab things like birth certificates, which are physically stolen. Taking an identity can be as simple as finding the right numbers lying around, so don’t make that kind of mistake.

Of course those who are working long hours at home or who keep a particularly large amount of technology around should think beyond simply backing up data and being sure to shred documents. There is definitely more of a need for a home alarm system if you are doing a great deal of work from home, so consider the benefits of that kind of investment. If you already use an alarm, make sure there are ample sensors in the home office area, so that if someone does break in, the alarm will register immediately and save you a world of trouble.