Home Remedies For Poison Oak, Easy And Simple Natural Cure

Poison oak is a climbing tree which is found in eastern and central regions of USA. This tree contains a sap named Urshiol which is transparent or yellowish in color. When you come in contact with this oil, you are likely to suffer from swellings, blisters, rashes and itchy pustules. It may take about one to two days for the symptoms to appear. There are several home remedies for poison oak which can be tried at home once you get infected.

One of the most effective home remedies for poison oak is to wash the infected area as soon as possible with clean and cool water. Then apply a paste made from either stem or leaves of the Jewelweed plant on the affected area. You can even try rubbing lemon, banana skin or orange on the rash in order to get immediate relief.
A paste of baking soda or cornstarch with water can also be applied on the affected area. One of the effective natural cures for poison oak is to apply a mixture of aloe vera gel, golden seal, comfrey and lavender on the affected area. You can even try applying paste of oatmeal on affected area. This will dissolve the blotchy skin.
Use of buttermilk on the affected area will give you instant relief from the reaction and will soften the skin. In order to reduce the itching and irritation of the skin blend a potato and apply directly on the affected area. Applying banana and honey will help in keeping the pores of the skin clean.
One of the most effective home remedies for poison oak is the use of burkdork root. Make a tea out of it and drink it for the instant relief from the symptom. Witch hazel is an herb which is a great drying agent. Use a cotton ball in order to dab witch hazel on the affected areas. It will help in healing the symptoms.

One of the most highly beneficial home remedies for poison oak is to boil the water and add some peach leaves into it. After cooling it down drink this water or you can even try massaging the affected area with this solution. One should try eating food rich in vitamin C in order to boost the healing system. Lemon, guava, strawberries, sweet lime, oranges are some of the fruits rich in vitamin C. Zinc is good for repairing damaged skin tissues. For this purpose you can take oysters, wheat germ, dried watermelon seeds and cocoa powder.