Home Security Measures to Make Your Home Pennsylvania Safer

Criminals are always on the prowl everywhere, and a state like Pennsylvania is no exception to that rule. If you’ve got a home, you most certainly have valuables inside of it and you therefore could be a prime target for criminals.


You can stop them from doing their deeds though by putting some effective home security measures in place.
The first thing you’re going to want to do is make sure that they can’t get close to your home without being noticed. Most criminals are not going to prowl around in the front of your house in the daytime because that could arouse too much suspicion. Therefore, they may try to gain entry through your backyard. One of the best ways to ensure that no stranger can get close is to put a guard dog back there. In many ways, they are the perfect home security accessory. They’re loyal to their owners, protective of their territory, and their barks scare most people away. Even though they do sleep quiet often, they’re really always working for you.
The front yard tends to be more vulnerable at night. Criminals might be aware that you have a dog in the back, so they’ll instead try to go unnoticed in the front. The best way to stop them there is to illuminate their actions. As soon as they can be seen by all, they’ll most likely take off running. The best way to do that is to install motion-activated flood lights there. Those will also ward of criminals who could be thinking about trying to steal a car or a stereo inside of one. This is a cheap yet moderately effective home security measure that works well in conjunction with a guard dog.
Some criminals are persistent. They may work around all of your security measures and find a way to get inside your home no matter how safeguarded you feel it is. That’s where a Pennsylvania home alarm system can help. Once a criminal actually tries to gain entry, the alarm system will detect them. If they open a door or window, sensors will be aware of that and your alarm will be tripped. If they break a window or enter in any other way, motion sensors inside will catch them. There’s basically no way a criminal can succeed when such a system is in place. It’s actually possible to forgo any other measures in favor of one of these systems and your home will still be just as safe.

You may have noticed that one only one of these measures is comprehensive. A dog will watch the back and motion-activated lights will watch the front, but a home alarm system will be watching entrances from all around your home. Plus that system is going to be connected to a call center, with backup call centers waiting in the wings, which means that a live person will be able to assist you during such an emergency. That’s something that the other options just cannot match. And since such a system is only $1 to $2 per day to use, it’s the choice that makes financial sense as well.