Home Solar Power For Domestic Use

Wouldn’t it be great if you could use the sun’s light and heat for your domestic purposes? While we pay huge electricity bills, a lot of valuable solar energy goes wasted. With the home solar power systems you can efficiently use this energy and use it constructively to light up your homes and do myriad of other activities. This not only helps in saving your money on huge electricity bills but also makes your home environment friendly. You will be able to do your little bit to save the planet and stay green. You can use the home solar power to do the following:

€ Produce your own electricity and save money
€ Heat water in the swimming pool or at home
€ Illuminate your home, both indoors and outdoors
€ Warm up your home using the active solar heating technology or passive solar designs
€ Dry your wet clothes using a clothesline to cut down the energy consumed
Installing solar panels at your own home is a great way to cut down your electricity bills and save a lot of money. The reusable energy resource can considerably reduce your domestic electric expenses and help in saving the environment. The solar panels actually require just a simple one-time investment. With just a one-time investment, you will be able to permanently get rid of huge electricity bills. Using home solar power also has several long term benefits:
In the past few years, the solar panel installation expenses have considerably reduced, and the Government offers lucrative subsidies for the approved projects. You will receive handsome compensation from the state government, for the electricity that you produce. You can also save considerably on the maintenance costs, as the home solar power systems once installed require very little maintenance. Furthermore, you will also be able to conserve Earth’s valuable non-renewable energy resources.
By installing home solar power systems, you can considerably reduce your carbon footprint and prevent the environment from being too polluted. You can also set a good example for the other homeowners by going green and saving the planet. If you want your home to start saving money for you then consider installing solar panels on the roof top.
There are basically three different ways of using home solar power: thermal solar power, passive solar power, and solar panels. The passive solar energy enables you to collect the free energy that falls on your property and use it to heat or cool your home. This process does not involve any hi-tech installations. The thermal system enables you to take advantage of the sun’s energy and use it for heating spaces, swimming pools, and household water. This is a practical and affordable means for going green.

Installing solar panels is a bit expensive as it involves producing electricity at home using the thin film panels or photovoltaic. The energy so generated can be stored and used when required. These panels convert sun’s light to DC energy, which can be stored in batteries and used to power appliances and cut down the electricity costs.