How Can A Home Extension Benefit You?

House extensions are a much simpler, and also a much cheaper way of accommodating a growing family that just can’t live in their current property the way they used to. What seemed an ideal home at the time of purchase for a newly married couple, for instance, may not be so perfect ten years down the line with two or three children and a dog running riot.

While moving to a bigger property may be the easy solution to the problem, it isn’t always feasible. Some families simply don’t have the money to upgrade their property or they may struggle to get a mortgage. So they turn to an alternative solution to their problems. Extending or redeveloping their current house will allow them to increase the space available to them, without the disruption of relocating, which often involves changing jobs, and the renovations can add value to the property, an advantage in the long-term when the time to move finally comes.
As families grow, the traditional two or three bedroom home can be too small. After all, teenage children don’t want to be sharing their rooms with their siblings, particularly when they have friends over. A solution to this can be to extend over the top of garages and creating another bedroom. This room can serve as either a new bedroom for one of the children, opening up the original room, providing the person remaining there with the luxury of their own room and their own space. Alternatively, you could use the extension as a guest room, meaning that friends and family have somewhere comfortable to stay when they come over, as opposed to the sofa or inflatable mattresses.
Growing up, people have dreams about their ideal homes and the sort of house they want to live in when they can afford it. This can involve open plan kitchens, utility rooms, garages and dining rooms, which aren’t always part of the package when it comes to buying a house. However, house extensions can provide these luxuries, transforming the inside of a standard house into a luxury home where you’re proud to welcome friends, family and visitors, encouraging them to stay and admire your home.
Transforming the inside of your home can actually provide a number of other luxuries, without even planning for them. The increased space that comes with house extensions can mean that you have better floor space and more room for storage. Nearly all bedrooms struggle for storage space, so by extending the room, you could potentially create space for walk or built in wardrobes, meaning the room itself doesn’t need a wardrobe, which provides the person with more space to use for a variety of purposes.

I’m sure we’ve all been rushing around before work or school trying to get in the bathroom, only to find someone else in there. A house extension can create a new en-suite bathroom, which means two people can occupy the bathrooms at a time, a bonus for any large family.