How Smart Entrepreneurs Make Money Working from Home

Every single day thousands of people start a home based business! What makes a home business so popular and attractive? Why are people making money? First, let’s do a quick comparison of the conventional versus the unconventional way of making money.



1. A J. O. B. – People will actually choose a good paying job instead of a home based business. Why? You get regular paycheck, a false sense of security and much less risk. Don’t forget you also get 2-3 weeks paid vacation, maybe a bonus check periodically (usually the managers). In my opinion a job doesn’t even hold a candle to a business from home.
2. A Franchise – Franchises are probably the closest thing to a home business because they have a system already in place. Downfalls to a franchise are the franchise rules, the huge start up costs (believe me – they are huge), and the continuing franchise fees. Long story short the cost in 1968 to start a McDonald’s franchise was $1000. 00! Today it will cost you over one million dollars! You could make 6 figures in time but you still have employees, payroll, stock, long hours, complaints – you get the picture.
3. Brick and Mortar Business – A mom and pop (family) business who own the corner store for an example. These businesses have no systems to follow, larger start-up costs, employees, stock, etc. In order to have true success in these businesses, you should buy one that is already successful; have a great business plan or plenty of funding until you are profitable, usually in 3-5 years. 90% of all mom and pop businesses fail within their 3rd year. So sad but true!
4. Work at home JOB – These are doing surveys, letter mailing, answering emails type of work. They are not your own business and the pay is minimal.

We all strive for success and financial freedom. A regular job nor a work at home job are the answers. Franchises and mom and pop businesses can provide this but at what cost? Who has the money and time? Will your family suffer for your success?

Why are people turning towards a home based business and making money the Un-Conventional way?

1. Initial investment to start a business from home is extremely low for the income potential.
2. There is a system to follow so no guess work is involved.
3. The compensation in certain business models is unparalleled in any other type of business opportunity.
4. Complete control over your work schedule. Work when ever you want!
5. No stocking or pre-purchasing products or inventory.
6. Residual and passive income streams!
7. A home based business is mobile. Just work from home or make money while on vacation.
8. Direct mentoring from home business entrepreneurs who are already successful.
9. Freedom and control over your time.
10. Most have a proven history of success.

In the end, very little compares to having your own business from home. It all depends on what you are looking for in life. Income with time and freedom you get with the un-conventional business opportunity or just the income by working the conventional way. To me the choice is obvious!