How to Beautify Your Outdoor Space

There is nothing quite so refreshing as being able to enjoy a beautiful evening in your own well-kept yard. Whether you’re taking in the splendor of your yard alone or with friends, your outdoor space can be a haven of peace and serenity. However, if you don’t stay on top of it, your yard can quickly become overgrown and unkempt. Here are some things to do to beautify your yard and get it looking as good as possible.


Clean, Declutter, and Decorate Patio and Porch
Your patio or porch is your entertaining space, but also your relaxing space. While it’s important to make sure your guests feel comfortable when you entertain, it’s also important to make your yard something special that you will enjoy for some alone time. Regularly spray off decks and patios to keep dirt down. Put yard tools and hoses away as soon as you’re done using them. Use patio furniture to create distinct spaces for different types of activities – for example, use an outdoor dining room table to create an area for eating, use comfortable patio chairs and a coffee table to create a lounge area for conversation, etc. Include an extra table or prep space if you plan to use the barbeque. Cleaning, decluttering, and decorating your patio can make your outside space much more livable, and helps your home extend into the outdoors.

Refresh Your Lawn
Nothing makes a yard look better than a fantastic lawn. Mow and edge it regularly, but don’t cut it too short, as this can harm it in the long run. As your lawn ages, it can start to look brown and dead. Especially after surviving the hot summer months, lawns can look far from vibrant. Keep your lawn looking youthful and healthy by over seeding new premium grass seed onto your existing lawn every fall. Be sure to use a type of premium grass seed that grows well in your climate- for example, use a cool grass seed if you have cooler temperatures and a summer grass seed mix if you have consistently hotter temperatures. Overseeding every year helps ensure that you always have constant new growth in your lawn. So when the old grass dies out, there is already new grass to replace it. Overseeding helps your lawn always look its best.

Flower beds and gardens
Flower beds and gardens can bring in beauty and color to an otherwise dull yard. But as flowers die out and plants become overgrown, flower beds can detract from the beauty of your yard. Keep your flower beds and gardens looking well maintained. Replace dying plants with new ones. Fertilize plants you can revive. Trim old, dead stems and leaves, and keep debris like leaves and branches out of your flower beds.

No matter what size yard you have, you can make it beautiful and really enjoy your time outdoors. Follow these tips to make your yard a haven of tranquility and relaxation.