Save and Move!

The word “save” means a lot in contemporary society: someone tries to save penguins from oil spills, someone wants to save some water by using it less, and someone wants to save money at any possible situation. We will talk about the latter ones in order to show you how simple it is to save money on such ordinary things; moreover, you will be able to use those money later on for any other needs!

Save and Move!

So the article will be about saving some cash when hiring professional movers if you decided to move, let’s say, in Edmonton, Canada. There will not be described how to find a company, because at this point you spend your time and not money, we will be dealing with the estimates, their types and offers from different movers. So let’s start!

When an Estimator Comes to Your Place…

You need to show him or her everything you want to move! According to the statistics provided to us by movers in Edmonton, the most frequent places that people forget to show to their estimators are: attics, basements, closets, and backyards. If you are afraid to forget about something – write all the things you need to move on a list and then when talking to a movers’ representative simply follow that list of items. This is very important if you want or simply need to save some money, because if you name all the items which you need to move from the very beginning to the movers then you will pay much less money if compared to the sums that may arise as extra stuff which requires the move. Furthermore, if you forget to name pretty a lot of items then when movers come to you they may come with a small truck where not everything will fit and so you will have to spend much more time and a lot of extra money on the second truck or for the second trip from your movers. We are sure you do not want to get in such situation, so the bottom line is – remember to name all the items to your movers during the estimate time!

Review the Estimate

After you have got your estimate from movers all Edmonton experts insist on checking everything! You must have a combined document that is signed by you and the company’s representative, which actually serves you as the order for movers services and also as a bill of lading. Every estimate should also go with an inventory list where all the items that should be moved are listed. This list you have to check BEFORE signing the estimate!

And the last thing about the estimates: make sure that all services you need are listed there in order not to overpay for them later.

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