The Pros and Cons of Signing Up With Reliant Energy as Your Retail Electricity Provider

Reliant Energy is a large and well-known retail electricity provider. The company has managed to make a name for itself over the years. Not everyone knows what to think when looking at the company. Here are some of the pros and cons of using Reliant Energy as your retail electricity provider.

Convenient Online Account Management

One reason to use Reliant Energy is that convenient online account management is available. This means you can go to the Reliant website in order to pay your bills, change your service plan or find out information about your home. You can do all of this through the automatic system without calling. If you do need help, then an instant online chat option is present.

Renewable Energy Options

Renewables make up 13.2 percent of all power generated domestically. You can leverage that power through Reliant by choosing a green plan. You can potentially get 100 percent of your power through wind. You can sign up to have solar panels installed on your home. Purchase carbon offsets for your home or business. Reliant has varied and powerful renewable energy options.

You Need To Be In the Service Area

One of the few drawbacks of Reliant Energy is that you need to be within the service area. Reliant does not serve all areas of the country. You might not be able to access the retail energy provider if you are in a rural area or are in a state that has not deregulated the power markets.

Many Different Plans Are Available

Reliant Energy is known for having many different plans available for residential and business customers. Energy plans are available with variable rates tied to the markets or fixed rates that will not change. Some plans allow for flexibility during off-peak hours. Others are focused on reducing power use in the home with monitoring and incentives. You can learn more here about what Reliant Energy offers today.

Some Contracts Are Long

A point to consider is that some of the contracts Reliant Energy offers for service might seem a little long. The contracts could be for one, two or even three years. These tend to be the contracts with the best terms and highest saving. This might be a problem for people who do not want to commit to a single retail energy provider for that long.

Customer Service and Support Is Always Available

The average person uses 148.6 million British thermal units of electricity annually. Something might go wrong with your power during that time. Reliant Energy has customer service and support staff ready to help 24 hours a day during all seven days of the week. This means you will never be left alone if an emergency occurs.